Roots School – Wilderness Survival, Traditional Skills Training


Engage With Your Landscape, Grow Your Wilderness Skills, Craft A Handmade Life.

We offer classes to meet varied levels of skill and intensity, from beginner to expert, youth to adult. We offer limited class sizes, hands on learning, and highly experienced instructors. Roots is where you can build solid skills, connections to the world around you, and confidence and strength within. We hope to see you soon!

Bringing you the Stone Age since 2007.

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Are You Gonna Make Me Eat Bugs And Sleep In The Dirt?

No, at least not at first. In all seriousness, we want people to ease into the skills at whatever pace is comfortable. For some people, a warm shop for a basketry class is right up their alley. For others, they want to push their comfort zones and experience all the raw beauty and power of the elements and learn to adapt and thrive.

We have classes for both. Be sure to check with us if you are unsure. We never throw people into dangerous situations where they are in above their heads. Your safety and the strength of your learning experience are our main focuses.


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November 6, 2018

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