What is Wild By Nature?

Wild By Nature is a curated directory of resources to help humans better reconnect with the natural world, get grounded, find balance, and form deeply rooted, supportive communities.


Who’s this for?

Are you wishing you could experience more peace, joy and vitality in your life? You know deep down that it’s possible, but it seems like something is holding you back — for some reason you’re just not living fully? Do you find yourself tired, scrolling social media for ideas, motivated for little else?

You’re not alone! Many people feel this way. And you know what? The solution may be simpler than you think.


The solution: get outdoors and learn to express your wild nature

Humans are wild animals too. As human animals we cannot live and thrive without connection to the natural world.

Studies show that humans are both healthier and happier when they spend time outdoors, in nature, every day. We need the trees, animals, rain, fire, stars and microbes more than they needs us — and these more-than-human elements are our teachers and the nourishers of our wild human selves.

Then, to inspire and encourage us to live a more wild life, we must create communities to support us — physical, ecological and spiritual communities to surround ourselves, keep us rooted and guide us forward.


Who created this website?

Hi, my name is Alek Lisefski. Even though the topics covered here my seem deeply personal, this website is not about me. I prefer to let the authors and developers of these nature connection resources do the talking, as they know far more than I do. I’m by no means an expert on every topic you see here, but my passions are wide-ranging, mostly revolving around time spent outdoors, going inward to deepen my personal experience, and in finding ways to create community around me.

I’ve created this website as an educational tool to further my own understanding of humanity’s wild nature, and to offer a wide range of resources to others who are looking for more inspiration, happiness and wonder in their lives.

I’m a lover of backpacking, hiking and camping, and I’m happiest high up on a mountain or roaming the wild beaches of New Zealand.

I’ve designed and built a tiny house on wheels, living among others in an informal tiny house community. I’ve also presented about tiny houses at various conferences and festivals around the USA, co-teaching several tiny house workshops.

I have attended the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Adventure Training and have regularly participated in weekly men’s groups to deepen the development of the healthy masculine.

I have completed a permaculture design program, receiving a Permaculture Design Certificate, and am an advocate for sustainable living.

I’m a student of spirituality and a lifelong practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, yoga and other practices to reduce stress and foster greater peace and health.

I have a longstanding interest in photography, primarily nature photography, and continue to document my travels on Instagram.

I’m always wanting to learn more about how a greater connection to nature can help humans live healthier and happier lives, and how I can give back to my community to help others on this path.

If you have a resource you’d like to share, please submit it here.


Any Questions?

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