Lost Valley Education Center – the practical application of sustainable living skills

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Our Mission:  Lost Valley is a 501 c3 learning center, educating youth and adults in the practical application of sustainable living skills.   We take a holistic approach to sustainability education, engaging students in ecological, social, and personal growth.

2017 Avenues to Fulfill LOST VALLEY’s Mission

1)  Continue to offer our unique approach to youth sustainability education: EarthQuest: Learning Adventures in Sustainable Living.  (www.EQadventures.org)

2)  Continue to offer our Holistic Sustainability Semester.  lostvalley.org/sustainability_semester/

3) Continue to offer Permaculture Design Certificate Courses:  lostvalley.org/pdc-track/

4) Continue to host transformational gatherings, retreats, and conferences at our beautiful rural event center.

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Our Mission (draft): Meadowsong Ecovillage provides affordable housing, access to land, and facilities for community development.  We are an intentional community of educators, entrepreneurs, and cultural evolutionaries, committed to creating a life together in a sustainable way.

2017 Avenues to Fulfill MEADOWSONG ECOVILLAGE’s Mission

1) Continue to to be an educational model for experimentation and implementation of sustainable social systems through modalities such as Non-Violent Communication, Sociocracy,  and Permaculture, as well as ongoing practices in conflict-resolution and deepening relationships.

2) Keep our community full, happy, and connected, while improving community processes and technologies.

3) Continue to offer a vibrant visitor program that educates and restores.


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November 19, 2018

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