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    Life is wild. Live it fully.

    Wishing you could experience more peace, joy and vitality in your life? You know deep down that it’s possible, but for some reason you’re just not living fully? You’re not alone! Many people feel this way. And you know what? The solution may be simpler than you think.

    Humans are wild animals too. In our fast-paced, digital word, it’s hard to remember that our biology is that of a bipedal mammal. An advanced one, sure, but an animal nonetheless. As human animals we cannot live and thrive without connection to the natural world that birthed us.

    Studies show that humans are both healthier and happier when they spend time outdoors, in nature, every day. We need the trees, animals, rain, fire, stars and microbes more than they needs us — and these more-than-human elements are our teachers and the nourishers of our wild human selves.

    But getting outdoors isn’t enough. To inspire and encourage us to live a more wild life, we must create communities to support us — physical, ecological and spiritual communities to surround ourselves, keep us rooted and guide us forward.

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