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Empowering students with the knowledge and skills to create regenerative and resilient ecosystems, communities, and economies.

Eco-landscape Mastery School

The Step by Step Program to start and grow your ecological design business. An online school and coaching program designed to fully equip and support you as a professional ecological designer, practitioner, and consultant.

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The Permaculture Skills Center is a 5-acre demonstration site and educational institution dedicated to sharing regenerative land development and management practices. We are located in the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed just south of Sebastopol, in Sonoma County, California. The site is also the home of our partner organization, Permaculture Artisans.

This site began as a neglected, yet fertile farmland and has been under restoration and cultivation since it was purchased in winter 2012.  Since purchasing the land, we have installed over 2000 feet of storm water harvesting earthworks, four habitat ponds with constructed wetlands and two acres of rotational grazing pasture lined with contour hedgerows. We planted 250+ heirloom fruit and nut trees with hundreds of medicinal, soil building, insect attracting and edible plants as an understory. We now have one acre of vegetables, strawberries and cut flowers, plus an outdoor classroom and market stand.

The Permaculture Skills Center hosts short courses, workshops, lecture series’, site tours, sustainability related community events and our online Eco-Landscape Mastery School. Our programs play an integral role in the continued development of the site which provides experiential learning opportunities.


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November 12, 2018

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