Aletheia Springs – Self-Care By Nature

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    Aletheia Springs – Self-Care By Nature

    What is Aletheia Springs?

    We are Aletheia Springs, a multigenerational community stewarding and working to regenerate the land and waters of a historic 20-acre geothermal mineral springs in the heart of Sonoma Valley, Northern California (1 hour north of San Francisco). Now entering our fourth year, we are weaving together a community of residents and non-residents alike who share a calling to participate in the service, practice, research,  deep wealth and belonging this place invites. Recognizing ourselves in the nature of these Springs, we see that we are Nature working to heal, restore right relationship with all beings, and awaken to true purpose.

    Our mission here is three-fold;

    First: To revitalize our primary service offering and bridge its culture to that of a family-oriented sanctuary for self-care, set within a deeply enriched natural ecosystem;

    Second: To restore the geothermal springs as a healing biotope –a place where our activities enhance the ecosystem and watershed of which we are a part, supporting all of life to flourish here;

    Third: To engage in the learning laboratory of creating a new and ancient healing culture, based in the transformative power of trust and where the sacredness of life is placed at the center; we are building a culture where self-organizing, dynamic leadership and true purpose can emerge.

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