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Vanlife Diaries was initially a concept. Jared and Sam were fitting out vans into campers at an affordable price for fellow travelers. Travelers don’t have a lot of money and are usually happy just to blaze their own trail. If this involves hiring a campervan, funds can hemorrhage. Jonny, one of Jared’s long-time brothers, came to stay at Jared and Sam’s rental property in Collingwood. Like most old friends, the pleasantries dissolve rapidly and questions of direction and struggle bubble to the surface. Jonny had some skills he wanted to bring to the table and over the next four hours, they created a team and project. After six months, Vanlife Diaries Instagram following spiked to 30,000. The friends orchestrated two vanlife gatherings, fitted out several vans and expanded the Vanlife Diaries network of facilitators to five countries and four continents. This included hiring Kathleen to come on board as our American representative and part of our vanlife crew.

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About the Book

A photography book celebrating the nomadic lifestyle and community of vanlife through interviews, essential advice for living on the road, and more than 200 photos of these tiny rolling homes.

Inspired by the blog and Instagram account, Vanlife Diaries is an inspiring and detailed look into the world of the rolling homes built and occupied by a new generation of modern gypsies: a range of professionals and creatives who have ditched conventional houses for the freedom of the road and the beauty of the outdoors. More than 200 photographs feature the vanlifers, their pets, and their converted vans and buses–VWs, Sprinters, Toyotas, and more–with the interiors uniquely customized and decorated for their work and hobbies, as well as the stunning natural locations that are the movement’s inspiration. Interviews and narrative captions share the stories of these nomads and how they decided to pursue vanlife, and provide practical tips and inspiration for downsizing, finding and converting your vehicle, and working and living on the road.


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November 6, 2018

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