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Time For A Digital Detox?

Would wandering slowly in nature, with no pressure or deadlines feel great right now? Do you love being a nature but never seem to spend as much time as you would like? Nature deprivation is almost impossible to prevent in our busy modern world. Come join us on a digital detox, where we will be using the gentle practice of Forest Therapy to reconnect us to the beautiful world that surrounds us. By spending regular time outdoors and connecting with the trees, plants and animals amazing life changes can be expected.

Forest Therapy

Love nature? Interested in mindfulness? If so, the beautiful practice of Forest Therapy is for you. The practice of Forest Therapy is a series of invitations that slow you down so you can reconnect to yourself and the world around you. The New Yorker magazine described it thus, ‘The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku—literally translated as “forest bathing”—is based on a simple premise: immerse yourself in the forest, absorb its sights, sounds, and smells, and you will reap numerous psychological and physiological benefits.’ Come and discover the simple delight of Forest Therapy yourself.


Tree Mystic offers nature connection experiences for individuals and groups. We offer group Forest Therapy Experiences, Private Healing Sessions and Forest Therapy Retreats. We also work with organisations and can design our experiences to suit all ages and levels of mobility, including everyone in the wonders and health benefits the natural world can offer us.

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May 7, 2019

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