Radical Unschooling – An Alternative Education Revolution Has Begun


“Full of brilliant common sense! Mrs. Martin takes us behind the curtain to see in rich detail what alternative education really looks like when it bestows upon its subjects the freedom to choose. Every parent who feels compelled to give their kids into the care of total strangers should read this book.” – John Taylor Gatto, Author

Radical Unschooling is a progressive parenting philosophy, which includes children learning at home. It is different from homeschooling in that children are not forced to follow curriculum lessons and tests. Radical Unschooling philosophy focuses on trust of a child’s innate ability to learn without coercion and invites children to explore their passions. The parent’s role is to facilitate their interests and curiosity.

Radical Unschooling – the book – focuses also on the evolutionary aspect of parenting and human consciousness. We are parenting and educating our children today to succeed in a joyful, productive life by following their passions, not someone else’s agenda.

The main presentations are:

  • School is only one of many choices for our children in our technologically advanced world.
  • Forced learning isn’t effective and causes more damage than formerly thought.
  • Respecting a child’s choice and autonomy is an evolution of understanding and birth right of every human.
  • Learning and life are not separate. Learning is pleasurable if it is not forced on us.
  • Separating life into subjects isn’t necessary or natural.
  • Humans learn from all that they do and experience in life, not just what our culture deems ”educational.”
  • The main focus of parenting today is obedience and meeting the needs of the parent.

Radical Unschooling is just radical enough to herald a wake up call to our culture because of the truth the philosophy speaks.

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November 14, 2018

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