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How many times have you stared at a map or guidebook to find a new trail to explore, browsed through dozens of web pages of varying quality only to come up with more questions than answers, or tried to wade through user reviews to figure out whether a hike was worth the drive to the trailhead?

Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsperson or new to The Great Outdoors, Modern Hiker is your trusted source of information and inspiration. For more than a decade, the site’s in-depth trail reports, authentic gear reviews, and fearless outdoor journalism have helped countless adventurers discover new trails and experiences all over the world — and in their own backyards.

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Modern Hiker was founded by Casey Schreiner in December, 2006 as a way to document his explorations around the Los Angeles area as he learned how to hike, transitioning from an indoor kid who actively avoided sunshine to a seasoned hiker who has trekked challenging trails all over the world.

Today, Modern Hiker is consistently ranked as the most read hiking web site on the West Coast. The site has broken regional and national news and covers trails all across the West – from Colorado to Hawaii and Mexico to the Canadian Rockies, and now counts four published outdoor authors among its writers. We are expert, honest voices you can trust; not internet randos.

So pull up a chair. Find your new favorite hike, explore the public lands near you or plot your next adventure, check out our growing list of gear reviewsjoin our mailing list, and register for your own Modern Hiker profile so you’ll always have an answer to the question: “Where should I go hiking next?”


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November 19, 2018

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